Make the most of your Florida family lawyer’s free consultation.


Many family lawyers, including me (opens my about page), will give free consultations to clients when they contact us. This is great, but you still need to be prepared to discuss your case since most attorneys are very busy and their time is limited (as is yours). In this post, I will tell you what information to provide your attorney to make the most of your free Florida family lawyer free consultation.

Attorney’s background

It might seem obvious, but many people don’t feel comfortable asking about an attorney’s background. Don’t be! It’s okay to ask during your consultation the attorney about their background and how they approach cases. It’s important for you to feel comfortable with your attorney since divorce and similar cases can take a considerable time to complete.

Next, you probably want to ask the attorney how he intends to achieve your goals. For example, do they believe in mediation or do they want a trial? It is important that you and your attorney are on the same page as to how to achieve your goals.

Who will handle your case?

You will want to know who will be responsible for your case. For example, if you hire a bigger firm, the person you talk to for your consultation might not be the lawyer you deal with once your case is filed. you also would like to know about the support staff. You want to know how communications will be such as email, phone calls, and so on.

In most legal matters, there are legal fees and costs. It is important during your Florida family law free consultation.

Picture of money
Divorce can have both costs and attorney fees.

Costs include:

  • Filing fees such as a divorce petition(opens Pinellas/ Pasco Fee Schedule Page).
  • Service of Process Costs
  • Court Reporters for transcribing if necessary.
  • Photocopies and miscellaneous.

Legal or attorneys fees are just like they sound-the fees that your attorney will charge you for the legal matter. It’s important to find out:

  • Does the attorney charge hourly or a flat fee.
  • Does he or she use a paralegal, associates and what is their rate of pay.
  • How they will bill you.
  • How much retainer they need.
  • Forms of payment.

Tip: You may be able to keep some of the cost down if you can complete some of the required forms such as a financial affidavit.

What if I can’t afford a family lawyer?

First remember that lawyers charge different fees, so it’s important to consult with several lawyers before deciding you can’t afford one. In addition, many lawyers, like me are able to break down payments over a period of time to increase accessibility. But, if you still can’t afford one, there are legal aid societies in most Florida counties like this one in Pinellas County.


Choosing the right lawyer for your family law matter is very important. You need to be in agreement on legal strategies as wells as the fees and costs of the representation. Use your initial consultation to answer the above questions and you have a much better chance of success.

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