How do I find a good divorce attorney near me in Clearwater, Florida?


Lawyer is explaining about the divorce process to a client

If you are asking yourself how do I find a good divorce attorney near me, you are in the right place. Although there are many divorce attorneys in the Tampa Bay Area, finding the right one for you can sometimes be a challenge. Unlike some areas of law, going through a divorce is highly emotional, and you want an attorney that you are comfortable sharing very personal information and feelings. Let’s jump in and answer how to find a divorce attorney.

The attorney client relationship.

First, you want to have an attorney that you feel comfortable with. This is especially true in the family law area. You should both agree on the scope of the relationship in writing. Your lawyer is bound to the following:

  • Confidentialty
  • To zealously represent your rights and pursue your interests within the bounds of the law.
  • To treat you and others in the legal system with respect.
  • Other duties particular to the type of representation.

Can I find a free divorce lawyer?

Most lawyers charge fees for their service. There is a wide range in attorneys’ prices and how they charge their fees That is, some lawyers will charge you a flat fee-one price for the entire representation and other attorneys charge per hour. In either option, your attorney should be able to provide an estimate of how much the divorce will cost you.

If you find attorney fees still too high for you, there are limited options. Most communities have legal aid lawyers that provide representation at a low or no cost to the client. For example, in the Tampa Bay Area, there is Bay Area Legal Services. (opens their website).

Another option is to represent yourself. Many people represent themselves in dissolution proceedings with varying results. Still, this may be your only option if you can’t afford an attorney in your price range.

Okay, so how do I get a cheap divorce?

Besides trying the suggestions above, there are a few other options you can explore.

Non-attorney divorce paperwork preperation services.

Type in divorce attorney into Google or your favorite search engine, and you will see many ads for Low-cost divorce paperwork prep and so on. The problem with this approach is that your situation rarely fits into a standard form, and if you have follow-up questions, you probably will not get any help once you pay the fee. Also, sometimes divorce requires a hearing or trial, and you will want an experienced divorce attorney by your side if this happens. This is is especially true if the other side has an attorney. This option should be approached with the thought, “you get what you pay for.”

Should a lawyer provide a free consultation lawyer?

This is another time when it pays to shop around. It all depends on the particular lawyer. For example, I always provide my clients (opens my about page) with a free divorce consultation. I will give you 30 minutes to discuss your situation, and I will tell you how much the divorce will probably cost and my strategy. But, other lawyers charge for consultations. You should be aware that every lawyer has a different approach to consultation prices.


Finding a divorce attorney you are comfortable with is the first step towards obtaining the divorce you want. You want to be comfortable with your attorney because divorce is a difficult process. There are some limited options in you can’t afford an attorney such as legal aid organizations and non-legal document preparation services.

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