Four types of alimony in Florida


There are four types of alimony in Florida:

  • Permanent
  • Bridge the Gap
  • Rehabilitative
  • Term

For a list of items, the court will look at when considering an alimony award click here. The court has the power to award any of these types as well as in any combo of them. Next, let me tell what each of these types of alimony work.

Courts can combine the types of alimony.
Courts Can Combine Different types of alimony

Meet the Four Types of Alimony Found in Florida

Permanent Alimony

The law permits permanent alimony or alimony for life. Moreover, It can be granted if the court finds the spouse lacks the financial ability to meet his or her needs following the marriage. Typically, permanent alimony is awarded after a long-term marriage. Also, this is one area of law where adultery can be used in deciding whether to award alimony. Besides death, remarriage will end permanent alimony.

Bridge the Gap Alimony

This support allows a spouse to adjust to being single Also, It for a limited time. In addition, it lasts until the death of the spouse or remarriage. Further, this type this alimony covers short-term needs: bills, household costs, and so on. The spouse asking would have to offer proof of the bills he or she will be pay after divorce.

Rehabilitative Alimony

Next, rehabilitative alimony is awarded to a spouse for retraining. The goal is to be self-supporting. This type of alimony could include school, training or work experience. Also the spouse must submit a plan as to how the alimony would be used. Moreover, This type of support can end. First if the court finds that the person has completed the plan or that the spouse is not following the plan.

Term Alimony

In contrast, term support lasts for a set amount of time and It is used not only in short (0-7 years)term but also fair (7-15) term marriages. Regardless, term alimony cannot last longer than the length of the marriage. It is used to provide money to the spouse.


There four types of alimony in Florida. Further, they can combined to fit your needs. Only rehab alimony needs a plan as part of the order for alimony.

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