How is Alimony Calculated in Florida

Quick Overview

The determination of alimony is not a science, the courts have a wide choice in determining an amount of alimony

Why Alimony?

Although there are several types of alimony, their purpose is the same: is to provide income to a spouse who hasn’t worked during the marriage and has supported the working spouse-perhaps by raising the children and taking care of the marital home. Courts may also seek to have the spouse maintain the same standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.

Determining alimony in Florida

With the above purposes of alimony in mind,lets consider how the answer the question how to calculate alimony in Florida. To determine need a court must consider:

FactorWhy important
Standard of living during the marriageA court likes to help a spouse maintain the standard of living achieved during the marriage.
Age of each spouseThe Court wants to know how much longer one spouse will work-will they have the ability to pay. Also, they want to look at whether the spouse requesting alimony will be able to find work.
The earning ability, educational levels, job skills, and employability of the parties and, when useful the time necessary for either party to get education or training to find proper employment.The court wants to know whether the spouse seeking alimony is employable, what they could make and so on.
The improvement that each party made to the marriage, including, but not limited to, labor done in housekeeping, child care, education, and career building of the other party.Courts tend to grant alimony more often when they see that a spouse has sacrificed their own career for the sake of the other spouse.
Length of MarriageThe longer the marriage the more likely alimony will be awarded.
All assets available to each partyThis factor goes to determining the need for alimony as well as the ability to pay.
Anny other factors necessary to make a decisionLike I said, the court can look at any additional factors in making a decision about alimony.


In short, when you ask how to calculate alimony in Florida, you know that the court will look at the need of the spouse asking for alimony as well as the ability of the spouse who is being asked to pay. An experienced family attorney can help you make the best decisions whether you are seeking alimony or don’t want to pay alimony. Please contact Joel Lipinski at 727-643-8964 for a free 30-minute consultation or complete the form below.